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Short Term Rentals and Airbnb…What do You Think?

What should Denver do about people who rent out rooms in their homes against current zoning laws?  Are online platforms for vacation rentals such asAirbnb and HomeAway examples of the new “sharing economy” that help homeowners make ends meet?  Make good use of under-utilized space?  Or are short-term rentals an end run on the City’s 10.75% lodgers tax? Last year’s City budget

included an estimated $20.8 million from guests who pay this tax for staying at traditional hotels and motels.  I’m concerned at how these businesses impact our neighborhoods and what we can do as a community to ensure we have guidelines in place that neighbors and city officials agree are fair and reasonable.

Denver City Council is grappling with these issues and as a candidate for the new City Council District 7, I’m interested in what you think.

Please take a minute to complete this brief survey.  I’ll be happy to share results with the City Council task force exploring this issue.

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