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Athmar Park.  South Platte.  Baker. Ruby Hill. Overland Park. . Platt Park.  College View. Valverde.  West Washington Park.

A unique history shapes each neighborhood in the new City Council District 7. Some neighbors take pride in their Victorian homes such as those in Baker, a historic district on the National Register of Historic places. Many homes in Valverde – “Green Valley” in Spanish – were swept away by floodwaters of the Platte in a devastating 1965 storm.

The Klu Klux clan burned a cross in Ruby Hill Park nearly a century ago – a far cry from the transformation the neighborhood is undergoing. Today. Athmar Park boasts “some of the best food in town” and four parks, including Huston Lake.

Overland Park neighbors banded together to pressure clean up of the radioactive contamination left by the Shattuck Chemical Company.

Platt Park awaits the transit-oriented redevelopment of the former Gates Rubber Company, whose employees populated West Washington Park and other nearby neighborhoods.

When I walk door-to-door, I’m struck by the pride people take in their communities.  As a former board member of my own neighborhood association, I understand City Council’s role in giving neighborhoods a voice in City government – from fighting for traffic lights to bringing neighborhood organizations to the table in rezoning proposals for new development.

As the only candidate in this race with elected leadership experience, I will keep asking, keep listening and keep fighting for what matters.

Volunteer of the Week

Volunteers are the heart of any successful grassroots campaign.   That’s why I want to thank steadfast volunteers like Paul Jones. Over the last weekend he weathered single digit temperatures walking door-to-door with me.

I need your help too

Can we deliver a yard sign to your home or business?  We’ll pick it up to recycle when the election is over. Click here to order one now.

The cold snap is almost over, but the work has just begun. Walk door-to-door with me, phone bank, deliver yard signs or help me in the office. Click here to join my growing list of endorsements and join our team!


Every dollar matters! $20.00 allows us to buy 10 yard signs, $50 allows us to send mail to 150 voters. In a local campaign like this, your support really makes a difference. I deeply appreciate any donation to my campaign.

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