Since announcing my campaign for City Council in January, I have been walking door-to-door and listening to the issues neighbors are concerned about. I also sent out a brief survey asking people what they want from their city council representative and what issues they felt were important to the community in both the short and long term.

The response has been remarkable

The landscape is literally changing as houses are scraped and new homes are built, and on every block I hear residents share their concerns about balancing growth and maintaining the economic diversity that distinguishes City Council District 7. Young families and longtime residents are committed to keeping our neighborhoods strong and safe places to raise a family.

As a candidate for Denver City Council, I don’t have all the answers. My experience as a state legislator taught me how much I can learn by listening to the people I represent. What does the city need to do to keep up with the challenges and opportunities of growth? Neighbors must have access to the process and be integrated into the decision making process when any zoning change is being proposed. As your City Councilwoman, I’ll work to ensure neighborhoods concerns are heard and zoning regulations are followed.

Please email me at with your story, ideas or concerns on this or any issue.

As the only candidate in this race with elected leadership experience, I will keep asking, keep listening and keep fighting for what matters. I’ll be a strong voice for our neighborhoods and businesses – large and small — that make Denver so special.

Community Leaders Endorsing Anne McGihon for City Council

Yard Signs are coming!
Yard signs will be here in a few weeks and I’d be honored if you will put one in your yard. We will deliver it and pick it up to recycle when the election is over. Click here to order one now.

Volunteers make a campaign!
I believe volunteers are the core of any good campaign. I need your help in the coming weeks to walk door-to-door, phone bank, deliver yard signs or help me in the office. Click here to join our team!

Every dollar matters! $20.00 allows us to buy 10 yard signs, $50 allows us to send mail to 150 voters. I am honored to have your support and I deeply appreciate any donation to my campaign.

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