Public Safety

As the sister of a retired police officer, Anne knows preserving public safety is tough and she supports Denver’s finest. But strong management, training and fair discipline will reduce the few rogue officers who undermine public trust and expose the City to costly lawsuits.


Completing Union Station and the near completion of light rail to DIA are major milestones for our city. Anne supports the completion of FasTracks and wants to ensure we are making good land use decisions in areas surrounding light rail stations.

A B-cycle commuter, Anne will advocate to expand the program to all neighborhoods in Council District 7. Integration of pedestrian, bicycle and public transportation and neighborhood parking is critical to our economic development and to our Denver life style.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a former state legislator, Anne has a long record of fiscal accountability. She earned the same rating from the fiscally conservative Union of Taxpayers as the republican House Speaker during her first year in the legislature. She was a good steward of taxpayer dollars at the Capitol and will be a fiscal watchdog as your representative at City Hall.

Reliable City Services

While not always an exciting issue, basic city services make our every day lives easier and more efficient. Anne will make sure basic city services are delivered to every neighborhood in District 7. Well maintained streets, alleys, parks and recreation centers matter wherever you live.

Managing growth

Anne will promote collaboration, communication and transparency to guide growth and job creation that benefits all our residents and preserve what we love about our city.

Affordable Housing

We must couple growth and expanding job opportunities with affordable and diverse housing options. Meeting the housing needs of millennials who are flocking to our City, aging baby boomers and working families will take innovation and creativity among city and federal agencies, builders and financial institutions.