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Housing and Neighborhoods

The diversity of our workforce and homes has given rise to the richness of our neighborhoods.  But a lack of affordable housing threatens the character of these neighborhoods by pushing out the very people who make up the backbone of our city: nurses and teachers, grocery clerks, fireman and police officers, tradesman, tech professionals, small business owners, barbers and more.   Skyrocketing rents and home prices are out of reach of too many new graduates, growing families, aging baby boomers and our retirees.

Denver’s affordable housing plan offers a good start, even though it tilts toward expanding the inventory of rental.  More rentals will help dampen their cost. But that’s not enough.

We need to fill the gap between what most can afford and the price of homes or condos.   That is going to take city, state and federal policy makers partnering with the private sector –non-profit and for-profit developers, financial institutions and others. A mix of possible strategies – public and private – come to mind: micro and transit-oriented housing, incentives to keep renovations and scrape-offs affordable, a dedicated revenue stream for housing programs, land trusts, deed-restricted units, improved permitting, and infrastructure development.

It also takes full citizen engagement from the earliest stages of any redevelopment proposal to ensure that change and growth happen in a neighborly and neighbor-friendly fashion.

As a candidate for Denver City Council, it is tempting to tell you I have all the answers.  I don’t.  But I am committed to listening to all stakeholders to find practical solutions to expanding affordable housing options that match our City’s growth and keep the character of our neighborhoods.

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Speaking of moving, I broke my wrist last weekend “walking” on some black ice.  I was back at it the next day, and I enjoyed talking with Platt resident Dave Clark, owner of Arbor Garden and his daughter.  This is a great time to volunteer with the campaign, and with my wrist in a cast, I can use a hand!

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