Former Mayor of Denver Wellington Webb
Former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm
Former Colorado First Lady Dottie Lamm
Former Lieutenant Governor Gail Schoettler
Former U.S. Congressman Leonard Boswell
Former Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher
State Representative Daniel Kagan
State Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp
State Representative Beth McCann
State Representative Su Ryden
State Senator Mike Merrifield
State Senator Nancy Todd
Denver School Board Member Mike Johnson
Former City Councilwoman Carol Boigon
Former President of the Colorado State Senate Joan Fitz-Gerald
Former House Minority Leader Mike May
Former State Representative Joe Miklosi
Former State Senator Mike Feeley
Former State Senator Jeanne Nicholson
Former Denver School Board Member Jeanne Kaplan
Former Denver City Attorney Daniel Muse

Randy Alexander
Chris Alexander
Ellen Anderman
Rick Anderson
Judy Anderson
Phyllis Pineda Bovin
Leo Boyle
Betsy Brachfeld
Jeff Brinen
Judith Brocker
Robert Brocker
Ed Casper
Colleen Casper
David Clarke
Charlotte Coates
Marlin Cohrs
Jim Corlett
Glenna Cornish
Vicky Cowart
Brandon Davis
Thomas deBree
Michael P. Dowling
Richard Duty
Ray Ehrenstein
Steve Farber
Doug Farquhar
Al Ferguson
John Ferguson
Frank Fitch
John Gollub
Donna Good
Barbara Green
Glenn Hanley
Gina Hardin
Terri Harrington
Christopher Hayes
Maggie Hinojosa
Micah Holroyd
Paige Holroyd
Sallie Hutcheson
Don Johnson
Peg Johnson
Deborah Jones
Paul Jones
Tom Korson
Richard Kauffman
Betsy Kester
Mary Keyes
John King
Janice Lapetino
Larry Latta
Gloria Lefree
Florie Lehrburger
Eliot Lewis
Leticia Martinez
Sarah McCarthy
Helen Morgan
Matthew Nelson
William Niederhut
Colleen O’Brien
Sallyanne Ofner
Joaquin Padilla
Lynn Parker
Virginia Passoth
Joe Pennino
Owen Perkins
Nathan Peters
Vicki Phillips
Loretta Pineda
Barb Pyle
Fred Pyle
Andrew Oh Willeke
Sheila Robinson
Roger Rockenbach
Robert Rust
Jim Sample
Jo Seavy
Alan Schlessman
Helen Shreves
Meg Schomp
Steve Sherick
Clarence Snelling
David Sorey
Chris Spence
James Spoja
John Sullivan
Adrian Tucker
Chris Urbina
Mary Beth Urbina
Sabra Van Dolson
Monica Vanbuskirk
Grace Walsh
Carolyn White
Ruth Wimmer
Lance Wright
Steve Zalmstra


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I know how good and competent and hard-working Anne is.

– Colorado State Representative Daniel Kagan


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As a former colleague of Anne’s in the Colorado House of Representatives, I know experience is a good thing.

– Colorado State Senator Michael Merrifield


I have known Anne McGihon since 2004 when I first volunteered for a Democratic campaign in Colorado. She is one of the most selfless, effective and knowledgeable public servants in the state and would be invaluable to our city as a member of our Council from District 7. I heartily endorse her and urge all to vote for Anne McGihon on May 5th.

– Sallyanne Ofner


I first worked with Anne in the days of the Anti-gay Focus on the Family Ballot Initiative in 2005-6, when she was in the State House. Later we worked together on the first Obama campaign. I’ve always known her to be a strong supporter of equity and fairness and social justice positions, so she and I have aligned on those policy issues. I see by her writings that she is still there. AND, she has had extensive experience in legislative processes and political processes that will empower her to be effective on the City Council on economic and city development issues, as well as representing District 7 constituents’ concerns. She is a straightforward, powerful woman and I fully endorse her for our District 7.

– John Ferguson


I have known Anne for many years – both as a friend and as a colleague. She is dedicated, hard-working, smart as a whip, and grounded. Anne’s collegial spirit will be such an asset to Denver’s City Council as a representative of “Lucky District 7.” She’ll add spice, reason and sound judgment to a fine line-up.

– Dawn Bookhardt


In an organization full of newcomers experience matters: Anne McGihon is the best choice for Denver City Council in District 7.

– Lance Wright


Annie will always be the best choice.

– Maureen Cain


Anne McGihon will bring both a depth of experience and new eyes to the Denver City

– Greg Whitehair


I have known Anne since 1999. Over the years I have gotten to know her both as a friend, a competent attorney and a caring legislator. She is very accessible for conversation on any topic. If she lacks knowledge, she will find the answer. There is no doubt in my mind that Anne will provide leadership to the Denver City council as a result of her years as a State Representative.

– Basil Katsaros

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