Vote by May 5th!!

Your ballot may have a return date of June 2, 2015. This was an error by The Denver Election Commission. All ballots must be returned by May 5th at 7 p.m. to be counted

Need help returning your ballot?
Call 720-345-1879 or email and we will come pick it up for you.

2015 Municipal General Election Voter Service & Polling Centers closest to District 7:

Denver Elections Division
200 W 14th Ave Atrium

Denver Police Department District 3
1625 S …

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How my Leadership and Experience Matter

While I was knocking on doors recently, a woman asked why my experience and leadership matter. A thoughtful question that deserves an answer.

Only City Council can introduce and pass new laws. At least six of the 13 members of City Council will be new with the May 5 election. Denver can’t afford on the job training. I’m the only candidate in this race with legislative experience and a voting record. I know how to craft legislation and find common ground among diverse interests. As a …

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Stop red light and photo radar cameras?

Are red light and photo-radar cameras a cash cow or an effective traffic management tool?

Public safety officials say photo radar cameras cut traffic accidents and improve safety near schools, construction zones and neighborhoods where the speed limit is 35 mph or less.

I’m puzzled why three of four intersections with photo red light equipment in the City are in or near the new City Council District 7:  6th & Kalamath, 6th & Lincoln and 8th & Speer. The forth is at 36th & Quebec

Critics suggest an …

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From the campaign trail

Housing and Neighborhoods

The diversity of our workforce and homes has given rise to the richness of our neighborhoods.  But a lack of affordable housing threatens the character of these neighborhoods by pushing out the very people who make up the backbone of our city: nurses and teachers, grocery clerks, fireman and police officers, tradesman, tech professionals, small business owners, barbers and more.   Skyrocketing rents and home prices are out of reach of too many new graduates, growing families, aging baby boomers and our retirees.

Denver’s affordable …

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Another fabulous endorsement

This campaign is running full speed ahead. I’ve been amazed at the amount of support from friends, family and residents of District 7 so far. It’s truly humbling and I am forever thankful.

I wanted to take a brief moment to let you know about a couple friends who endorsed my campaign and what their support means to me.

Two of the first people to endorse my campaign were former Governor of Colorado, Richard Lamm, and former First Lady of Colorado, Dottie Lamm. Having the Lamm’s help build the …

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What do you think?

Short Term Rentals and Airbnb…What do You Think?

What should Denver do about people who rent out rooms in their homes against current zoning laws?  Are online platforms for vacation rentals such asAirbnb and HomeAway examples of the new “sharing economy” that help homeowners make ends meet?  Make good use of under-utilized space?  Or are short-term rentals an end run on the City’s 10.75% lodgers tax? Last year’s City budget

included an estimated $20.8 million from guests who pay this tax for staying at traditional hotels …

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Wellington E. Webb Endorsement

Wellington E. Webb Endorsement

My candidacy for City Council District 7 has earned a thumbs-up from former Mayor Wellington E. Webb. His long list of accomplishments as Denver’s first African American mayor includes adding more than 2,350 acres of parkland to Denver. He brought together public and private partners to launch the ongoing transformation of a ten-and-a-half-mile stretch along the South Platte River from an eyesore to scenic parks, trails and recreation areas.

As a member of Denver City Council, I will work hard to build on …

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People Powered Campaign


Athmar Park.  South Platte.  Baker. Ruby Hill. Overland Park. . Platt Park.  College View. Valverde.  West Washington Park.

A unique history shapes each neighborhood in the new City Council District 7. Some neighbors take pride in their Victorian homes such as those in Baker, a historic district on the National Register of Historic places. Many homes in Valverde – “Green Valley” in Spanish – were swept away by floodwaters of the Platte in a devastating 1965 storm.

The Klu Klux clan burned a cross in Ruby Hill …

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Since announcing my campaign for City Council in January, I have been walking door-to-door and listening to the issues neighbors are concerned about. I also sent out a brief survey asking people what they want from their city council representative and what issues they felt were important to the community in both the short and long term.

The response has been remarkable

The landscape is literally changing as houses are scraped and new homes are built, and on every block I hear residents share their concerns about …

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Barbara Green supports Anne McGihon