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An invaluable lesson I learned as a state legislator seems obvious with hindsight: listen to the people you represent. It’s more than polling for what’s easy and expedient. It’s about tapping into the rich life experience, education and insight that people from different walks of life have to offer.

As a candidate for Denver City Council District 7, I don’t have all the answers. But together we might solve some of the challenges we face as a City – from filling potholes to making sure our vibrant economy works for everyone.

It is in that spirit I’m asking you to take a moment to complete this short survey and share your thoughts on what you think City government should do — or do better. Your responses are anonymous so don’t hold back! Of course, I would also welcome your contacting me directly to share your thoughts.

Over the weeks ahead I will be sharing your responses on my website and my City Council Facebook page.


Let me thank you in advance for taking time out of your hectic day.

Anne McGihon
Candidate for City Council District 7

unnamed (2)Thank you for your interest in my campaign for Denver City Council District 7. The Internet is a great starting pointing for exploring candidates but it’s no substitute for connecting in person. So if you want to know more or share with me your hopes and concerns for District 7 and the city, please don’t hesitate to contact me or join me at events that will be listed here and on my Facebook page.

Why I’m running

I love Denver and believe that my leadership, community engagement and public policy experience – including six years in the Colorado House of Representatives — will give a strong voice to the diverse neighborhoods that make up District 7.

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About Anne
About Anne
January 14, 2015